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Cobra King F8 One Length Iron Sets

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List Price: $900.00
Our Price: $699.00
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Cobra King F8 One Length Iron Sets - PRICE DROP!!!


COBRA’s first ever connected set of ONE Length™ irons will improve your game. Carbon fiber tuned PWRshell™ Technology delivers superior feel and long, towering shots. COBRA Connect Technology proves the performance.


  • WHAT IT IS? - The industry's first electronically enabled set of ONE Length™ irons. Every iron is designed to match 7-iron length and clubhead weighting.
  • WHO IT'S FOR? - 5 to 25 handicap golfers with moderate to higher swing speeds seeking a forgiving distance iron with enhanced feel.
  • WHY WE MADE IT? - The KING® F8 ONE Length™ irons have been re-engineered using progressive clubhead constructions and flighted shaft technologies to deliver improved trajectory and feel through the set.


Cobra One Length Technology:


  • ONE LENGTH ONE STEP FURTHER FLIGHTED SHAFT TECHNOLOGY - COBRA® has teamed up with its shaft partners to engineer unique designs that optimize ONE Length™ performance. Utilizing flighted shaft technologies, the graphite and steel shafts feature adjusted flex profiles that make the long irons play softer and launch higher, and the short irons play stiffer and launch lower.
  • LONG IRONS MADE EASY - Featuring a lower profile clubhead design with wider soles in the 4-6 irons, the CG is moved lower and deeper to deliver higher launching trajectories. Paired with an optimized E9™ Sweet Zone™, the KING® F8 ONE Length™ long irons are faster and longer, while maintaining the simplicity and accuracy that players find appealing with the ONE Length™ set makeup.
  • A SHORT GAME YOU CAN BRAG ABOUT - The key to a better short game is knowing your wedge distances. The KING® F8 ONE Length™ wedges give you more confidence with one setup and one swing, while an improved clubhead construction promotes lower, more controlled trajectories. The result is more consistency, more predictable distances, and closer birdie opportunities.
  • RE-ENGINEERED FOR CONSISTENCY - The KING® F8 ONE Length™ irons feature cutting-edge technologies that make them even easier to hit and more consistent than ever before.
  • SIMPLIFY YOUR GOLF GAME - Proper setup includes foot positioning, spine angle and ball position, and many other variables. These variables change as you switch between longer and shorter length clubs, causing more room for error. With one setup and one swing you can simplify the entire process. Every player has their favorite club and for many, it's a 7-iron. With COBRA's ONE Length irons, you will find new confidence in your game, allowing you to play any iron in the bag as if it were your trusty 7-iron.
  • Re-Engineered ONE SWING FOR EVERY SHOT - In a traditional iron set, certain variables of the swing change as you switch between your longer and shorter irons, causing more room for error. With one setup and one swing, you can simplify the entire process and swing every iron in the bag with confidence like it's your trusty 7-iron.
  • BETTER DISTANCE GAPPING - Studying real-world yardage gaps using Arccos data, many players have distance overlap with their variable-length long irons. ONE Length™ long irons provide more confidence at address, promoting more consistent ball striking and carry distances.
  • TIGHTER SHOT DISPERSION - Having a more comfortable, repeatable swing that is shared between your long irons and short irons promotes more consistent contact. The result is more greens-in-regulation, tighter approach shots and more birdie opportunities.
  • MORE ACCURATE SHORT GAME - If there are weak points in your short game, you are not alone. The KING® F8 ONE Length™ wedges provide a seamless transition from your long and mid irons allowing you to set up to every shot with confidence and attack the pin with more consistency.



  • FORGED PWRSHELL™ WITH E9 TECH™ - Featuring COBRA's patented E9 TechnologyTM, an all-new forged PWRSHELLTM face construction delivers driver-like speed and distance.
  • CARBON FEEL TECHNOLOGY - A multi-material carbon fiber construction damps vibrations at impact for exceptional sound and feel through the set.
  • LOWER PROFILE CONSTRUCTION - A lower profile clubhead design lowers CG for higher launch and more clubhead speed.
  • TAILORED PERFORMANCE - Advanced construction technologies combine to create the ultimate progressive irons that deliver tailored performance through the set.
  • OPTIMIZED CG'S - Variable hosel lengths strategically position the CG for optimum launch, speed and forgiveness through the set. Lower profile long irons with shorter hosels lower the CG for improved launch and forgiveness. Progressively taller hosels in the mid to scoring irons raise CG for improved control and accuracy on approach shots.
  • MILLED GROOVES. SPIN REDEFINED. - CNC milling delivers more precise groove structures resulting in optimum spin and trajectory characteristics for the long irons, mid to scoring irons and wedges.


Cobra King F8 One Length Irons Sold Individually:  #4 Iron (19.5°), #5 Iron (22.5°), #6 Iron (25.5°), #7 Iron (29.5°), #8 Iron (34°), #9 Iron (39°), Pitching Wedge (44°), Gap Wedge (49°), Sand Wedge (54°), Lob Wedge (58°)




  • 7 Iron Set includes:
    • #4 Iron - PW (44°)
      #5 Iron - PW, GW (49°)
      #6 Iron - PW, GW, SW (54°)
      #7 Iron - PW, GW, SW. LW (58°)
  • Available Shafts:
    • True Temper XP 90 Steel Shaft available in Regular and Stiff Flex
    • Aldila Rogue Pro 65 Graphite Shaft available in Senior (Lite) Regular and Stiff Flex +$100.00
  • Cobra Lamkin REL 360 Connect Nardo Grip 
  • Available in Right and Left Hand Models Only






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KING F8 Iron Tech 00:54

KING® F8 Variable and ONE Length™ irons are equipped with COBRA CONNECT™. Automatic shot tracking technology Powered By Arccos™. The first truly smart set. It seamlessly records and analyzes your shot data in real time to help you make smarter, data-driven decisions and shoot lower scores. Technology proven to improve your game by up to 5 strokes. It's not just the future of the irons game, it's the future of the game. Period.

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    KING® F8 Variable and ONE Length™ irons are equipped with COBR...

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