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2017 Hot List Players Irons

Golf Digest Hot List Players Irons 2017



You're not only a decent player, but looking the part is almost as important. Today's players irons address both those concerns with clubs that provide more than enough forgiveness to assist the rare missed shot while providing a look that will have you 1 up at the bag drop.


Although many players irons are readily identifiable, there are many that straddle the line between game improvement and what is proper for the lower handicapper. And that's OK. Why make the game any more difficult than it has to be, right? Still, that doesn't mean that you're going to look like Mr. Hackenchop with a bag full of wrenches. Designers have mastered the ability to produce clubs with plenty of forgiveness along with the workability and thinner toplines and sole widths that appeal to better players. Many manufacturers also have realized that even better players need some help with the long irons, leading to the use of tungsten or other means in the long irons to lower the center of gravity for an easier launch. Conversely, better players want their short irons to not get too high in the air, so adding weight to the topline or taking weight out of the sole area to raise the center of gravity checks that box.


In other words you're not just 1 up at the bag drop, but likely as you're walking off the 18th green as well.




  • Ping I200 Individual Irons and Wedges

    Ping I200 Individual Irons and Wedges

    Ping I200 Individual Irons and Wedges   A combination of power, precision, feel and forgiveness distinguish the high-performance i200 irons. High-launching, distance-generating long irons and compact, precise short irons allow for consistent carry...

    $150.00 $99.95
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  • Ping iBlade Individual Irons

    Ping iBlade Individual Irons

      A Ping IBlade Serial Number is required for all PING IBlade Individual Irons. The Serial Number can be found by looking at the Hosel on your current PING IBlade Irons.       Please place the serial number in the space...

    $162.50 $149.95
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