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2018 Hot List Super Game Improvement Irons

2018 Hot List Super Game Improvement Irons



Asking for help isn't always easy. Especially in golf when the clubs that can help your game the most also might cause the most distress to your ego. Luckily for you, help is on the way in the form of super easy to hit irons that now actually look like golf clubs a somewhat better player might have in the bag. It might just turn golf's version of the walk of shame into giving you something to strut about.



For all the assistance game improvement irons provide, it's possible the super game improvement segment could be overlooked. But a closer look at the details of what makes a good super game improvement iron reveals that there is a specific player type that would greatly benefit from the clubs in this category. These clubs have thick soles with lots of weight low to assist launch. They also have lightweight shafts--usually made from graphite and in the 50-gram range, less than half the weight of most steel shafts—to provide additional clubhead speed. These irons have an almost singular objective in mind: Help those struggling to get the ball in the air do so, and do so quite effectively. Helping that endeavor is a penchant for large, forgiving clubheads or even, if you can stomach the look, all hollow-body designed clubs that look like an all-hybrid set. Golf can be difficult. If that sounds like you, check the ego at the door. Help isn't on the way. It's right here in front of you.