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Sell or Trade-in Golf Clubs

To sell or trade-in your golf clubs, follow these 3 easy steps after reading through the below information!







Program Details

We are a member of the PGA trade-in network which uses marketplace data from eBay to determine trade-in-value prices.

Extra 10% for your trade-in if you choose The Golf Club gift certificate as payment type.


Please go to PGA Value Guide to determine your club(s) approximate trade value by selecting "Get Value" in step-one. Make note of the value and return to step two on our site. Actual trade or sale value for used clubs is determined according to Golf Club Condition (described below) and market value when we receive them. 99% of the trades we receive fall into the PGA Value Guide "Mid" range.

All Trade-In-Value prices are subject to change so please confirm your Trade price immediately before conducting your transaction.

Select "Request Label" in step-two and submit the completed form. We will send you a shipping label (at our expense) if we feel your clubs are desirable for purchase. If you do not find your club listed on the Trade Confirmation, we are not currently accepting trades on that club. The Golf Club and all participating retailers reserve the right to refuse ANY club deemed unacceptable. 

The Golf Club reserves the right to refuse any deemed unacceptable clubs. If this is the case, the clubs will be returned to you at our expense.

Irons sets must consist of at least eight (8) irons in either a 3-PW or 4-SW combination. Additional irons/wedges may be traded and will be valued at 1/10th the set value for each additional iron, provided all irons are part of a "matching" set and there are no duplicate clubs within the set. To be considered "matching," the set must have consistent shaft models, shaft lengths, shaft flexes and lie angles. Otherwise, the clubs will be valued as individual irons, each at 1/10th the set value.

Example: If the "matched" 8 club set price is $300; 8 mismatched clubs would be valued at $30 each - or $240 for the mismatched set.

A maximum of two (2) iron sets and four (4) individual woods and/or drivers may be traded within a thirty- (30) day period.

Upon receipt, inspection and approval of your trade, we will provide payment in the amount of the trade value in the form of a gift certificate, credit to your recent purchase (within 15-days) or by check for the item(s) we receive. Payment will be issued within 10 business days from receipt of your club(s). If there are any questions or adjustments to be made, we will contact you to discuss them before issuing payment for the trade.

If the club is for a trade, the trade value will be remitted to you in the same form used to make your original purchase (i.e. credit card or check). If payment cannot be made in the same form, a check will be issued for the trade value and will be mailed to the billing address we have on file.

The Golf Club will send the shipping label with tracking information once the deal has been agreed upon.

Trade-In Exceptions

All products must be in perfect working order. The Golf Club will NOT accept clubs with any of the following characteristics:

  • Incomplete and non-matching sets
  • Broken Clubs
  • Clubs with rattles
  • Shaft bag wear
  • Non-factory installed shafts
  • Dented clubheads
  • Any non-factory alterations (other than grips)

Please note: Clubs with these problems that are sent in will either by sent back or a lower trade-in value will be offered.

*Clubs must be in good condition with normal wear and tear. Not all manufacturers and models accepted. We do not accept trade-ins from international customers at this time--any clubs received will be returned at owners expense.